Aikido Society of Memphis

We are the Aikido Society of Memphis, under the United States Aikido Federation. We exist to foster the learning of Aikido and gain greater understanding of ourselves through its practice. We welcome those new to martial arts, as well as those who have practiced for decades.

Current Class Schedule

For current announcements and class times please check our Facebook page: @aikidosocietyofmemphis.

About Aikido

Aikido is one of the most contemporary of the traditional martial arts. Although based on other martial arts such as jujitsu and sword (kenjutsu) and spear (sojitsu) combative techniques and studied for self-defense, Aikido differs from other martial arts in that practitioners (Aikidoka) strive to defend themselves and others without causing injury to their attackers. Self-improvement, by enhancing self-awareness and focused concentration and improving mind/body integration are the ultimate goals of Aikido. Aikido is oftentimes referred to as moving meditation. The basic movements of Aikido are circular, or more precisely, spiral in nature; generally attacks are linear. The practitioner of Aikido seeks to harmonize or blend with the linear attack and convert it into a spherical motion. Rather than relying solely on strikes or kicks, the Aikidoka attempts to neutralize the attack with a multitude of wrist and arm locks, unbalancing throws and immobilizing shoulder pins and holds. The ideal is to redirect or neutralize the attack without unnecessary force or causing serious injury.

Contact Us

Call 901-355-4110 for more information, or email us at click to reveal email. You can also send us a message on our Facebook page.

Visit Us

Contact us and let us know you intend on coming to class. If you wish to watch, just bring yourself and a lot of questions. If you do not want to commit to a whole month, just bring $10 to pay the single class mat fee. Sign a waiver and get started. We recommend comfortable loose clothing--but not shorts.

Please print out the following information packet and fill out the included waiver to bring with you if you decide to participate:
Information Packet